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Enrichment Center

We are adapting our program to embrace the needs of our children and parents for the duration of the pandemic restrictions. We have just completed our twelve-week summer camp where kids could be kids in a safe, social and nurturing atmosphere. For fall we have established an Educational Enrichment Center to continue to serve children in a safe mindful environment.

The Educational Enrichment Center has been designed to hold two pods of nine children, entering grades Kindergarten through fifth, for their remote learning needs and a room for a yoga enrichment preschool program serving Ages 3-5. The space also holds a large kitchen/activity area, over a thousand square feet of open space for activity and a dedicated room for when children need a smaller space for private zoom calls or a different testing area. Take a peek at the video 

We bring yoga to your facility.

Treehouse Yoga for Children is dedicated to work with only children. TYFC has and will provide liability insurance and personal insurance for instructors. All instructors have current background checks and are certified yoga instructors. We guarantee a quality and reliable program. We work with your facility to have a program that suits the need of the children and the school. We supply all necessary materials.

We Offer Four Types of Programs

We can also customize programs for your unique organization. 

Sessions are offered to the parents of your school during or after the school day as an extracurricular program. Marketing materials are provided by us and parents have the convenience to register online.  Sessions last from five to eight weeks in length, meeting once a week for 30 to 45 minutes of instruction. Each session engages children through a different theme and is made to enhance children’s understanding of yoga as well as stimulate their mind and body. We like to keep registration at a maximum of 12 children. You may request to increase the number.

    This is great for whole school extracurricular to build into your already existing  program. This can be done in large and small class settings. This can be scheduled on a  once a week, bi-weekly or monthly basis. Instructor will come to your school to guide children through breathing, mindful movement and focus activities. This option works well for schools with multiple classes and age groups.  Interval Workshops run for the duration of the school year (ie. September 2015 through June 2016) 

    Enhance your children’s event with our yoga program. We will tailor to the needs of the audience on the day of the event. Instruction is typically 30 – 45 minutes of instruction. We will come 20 minutes prior to setup the space. This is great for an add on to your Summer Camp,  Birthday Parties, girl/boy scout badges, children’s library activities, or anything else you would like to incorporate children’s yoga.

    Our interactive presentation will engage the whole child and foster growth by introducing new respiratory techniques, as well as body and spatial awareness. Children will be better equipped to meet the everyday demands of their lives. By the end of the assembly the children and teachers will fill centered and calmed. There are a variety of topics to choose from depending on what you would like the children to get out of it. It will be an assembly they will remember leaving them with confidence and strength. 

    We will need the following from the schools to be a successful assembly:

    • A stage or platform for the children to see.
    • An open area for children to sit and move. Please be mindful of the area you are booking for and make sure there is enough space for the Children to move.

    Thank you so much for all that you did with our littles today! Those smiles say it all!

    Show ‘N Tell School – West Chester

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