Treehouse Yoga for Children

School Programs Available

Established with a passion since 2014.

Designed to bring a variety of quality yoga based programs to children in the Chester County area. We believe that through the movement, breathe work, and mindfulness of yoga; we can enrich the lives of children everywhere. 

Introducing young minds to the life skills presented through the practice of yoga.  Children will grow and develop interpersonal skills, self-awareness, and a cohesive approach to a better understanding of the world around them. We offer a wide variety of programs located throughout Chester County.

Challenge their Minds

Build their Strength

Teach them Mindfulness

We hold our weekly summers camps at a unique and awe-inspiring setting at Treehouse World to encourage mindfulness, self awareness, and creativity. Camps include but not limited to yoga, crafts, exploring, and snack .Open to kids ages 3-14. Half day and full day options available. Limited spaces available.

Program Options

Studies show that children who engage in mindfulness practices have less anxiety, better focus in school, and are more compassionate compared to those who do not. Our unique yoga program engages children 6 weeks to fourteen years of age. We bring yoga and mindfulness to you through; enrichment programs, school wide programs, assemblies, and more.