Breath work


Partner Poses


Rest Time (Savasana)

Play, Laugh, Learn

Treehouse Yoga for Children is designed to be age-appropriate.
2-3 Year Old ⋅ 4-6 Year Old ⋅ First-Third Grade ⋅ Fourth-Fifth Grade

Challenge Minds
  • Become mindful of surroundings
  • Focus on the present moment
  • Influence character development
  • Boost memory and engage creativity
  • Encourage social interaction
  • Build confidence
Build Strength
  • Build on body awareness and control
  • Practice balance, flexibility and agility
  • Learn posture and control
  • Strengthen
Teach Mindfulness
  • Build confidence and leadership skills
  • Relieve stress
  • Understand and cope with emotions
Class Structure
Classes are built around a theme to be both age appropriate and engaging. Children explore and get to have a voice during every class. Treehouse Yoga instructors encourage children to use their imagination, with a guided direction toward the theme.
5 Foundations

All classes focus on including the five following practices:

Breath Work
As children grow in their yoga practice, breath work (conscious breathing) will be incorporated into sequences of poses.

Poses turn into short sequences for children to flow through.

Partner/group poses
We encourage children to work together, building their understanding of unity and team work.

Mindfulness activities are incorporated into every class to build children’s focus on one objective.

Rest time (Savasana)
Relaxation time allows children to rest after accomplishments during class.

Every Treehouse Yoga session offers a new theme, promising to keep children engaged throughout their time on the mat. All instructors are highly knowledgeable and experienced in nurturing children throughout every class.

Some of the enjoyable activities used in classes are:

  • Themes and stories
  • Music and movement
  • Five senses and props
  • Partner and group poses / movement
  • Games
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